For All the Entrepreneurs Confused about How Bitcoin Actually Works

How, exactly, do you make or receive payments with a bitcoin? As an entrepreneur, that’s what you’re most interested in, right? You’re not reading a 1000+ word article on cryptocurrency, spending half your night on a white screen, just because you enjoy reading about...

How to Sell Your Service Like Magic: Be Memorable

Can I tell you my sad story? I’m sitting on a couch in my room, dim and desperate, searching for a business idea on Google, hoping that any minute the search engine will bring a dozen results about profitable business ideas I can start on the go. But I’m...

How Google Helps Freelance Writers

Anyone who has ever tried to run an online business will tell you that organic traffic - visits from people finding your site through a search engine - is vital to success. And to get lots of organic traffic, your site needs to rank well on the engines, especially...

How to Write Headlines That Attract Readership

What attracts readers to your articles? What inspires them in the first place, motivates them to focus on your content, and pushes them to click on your piece? What moves them, makes them thrilled even before they open your content, and then stirs them to start...

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