It was midnight, one day last year, when I first saw the term “freelance” while browsing on my 2690 Nokia phone.

Lying on the couch in the sitting room, I flipped on my left side, seeing that the word is related to what I love – that’s writing – to read deep into the article. In few minutes, I understood the whole idea of freelance writing business – the art of writing for pay. This has changed my life.

The interesting aspects of this business are that at the moment you discover you have writing talent (or are interested in learning the art); you automatically become a big online company.

Now, the mentality that fuels most traditional brains is that a company cannot be established that simply. Even a small “startup”, they say, requires a huge amount of resources, let alone a big company.”

In this technology-driven world, that thinking has to change, since the Internet has transformed everything – including the way we do business. If you want to be the next Dangote, you don’t have to secure a loan of half a million Naira to grow your company.

Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook from his dormitory room without a single dollar. It was much later that investors rushed in to buy a share of his company. Amanda Hocking, the 27-year-old woman from Minnesota who bypassed traditional publishers to sell $2.5 Million of paranormal romance eBooks on Amazon from her own room, is living proof that writers are big digital media moguls.

The true opportunity for Internet entrepreneurs is in writing. It’s about taking your business seriously and understanding your true value as a writer.

Here are three reasons why a freelance writer is a big media industry:

  1. The Freelance Writer Is the Online Company

You spend years thinking, researching, and writing your business plan… each time you think you’re ready to launch your business, something comes up: the loan is refused, the site’s rented, or your partner suddenly decides not to invest. Back to square one. In a traditional brick-and-mortar business, you have to arm yourself with resources – both human and material – and pass through different sets of frustrations before you finally setup a company.

Smart freelance writers realize that they don’t need to go this route to setup their business.

After her first novel was rejected 50 times by publishers, Amanda’s thinking and perception has changed. Now she no longer considers her writing as a hobby. In 2009, she began her market research, searching from one book store to the other, to find out what genre sells and what doesn’t.

In April of 2010, she digitized her book – “My Blood Approves” – and uploaded it to the Amazon’s Store for Kindle.  And in the summer of 2011, Amanda’s eBook begins to sell 9,000 copies every day!

Bottom line: you don’t need to be “big” to grow bigger. Freelance writers embody Eric Reis’ lean startup model. They just write down the words and companies come running to partner with them.

  1. The World Is Driven by Technology

Technology has made many companies bigger. Fortune 500 companies, industries, and banks must use the Internet, fax machines, and telephone lines to not only keep their operations smooth, but reach their customers effectively.

The most exciting thing is that companies engage with their customers efficiently through the Internet, and written content is the foundation of all effective online activities. From SEO to white papers to blog posts to infographic copy – content is what works.

Now, who creates the content?

Internet-savvy writers understand that they’re the architects behind content creation and, therefore, they’re online moguls whose services will forever shine as long as the Web is alive.

  1. The Power of Flexibility

If you’re a freelance writer, you’re flexible: you can work anywhere, at any time, and on any connected device. Only you can decide how you should work and what amount of money you should charge. And because of this flexibility, online writing has impressive benefits:

  • Less startup capital: Freelance writers don’t need to be millionaires to set up their writing company. With a small amount of money, they can launch their business and grow bigger over time.
  • Ease of operation: There is no need to undergo tedious legal processes to rent an office or hire staff to register a writing company; writers can simply operate from the comfort of their homes.
  • Minimum amount of risk: Only a couple of risks involved in a freelance writing business: time investment (for writing) and a handful of cash (for a connected device and Internet fees).

Assert Your True Value

The boom in the online writing market has raised the status of skilled content creators. After launching my freelance writing career, I have bought a Blackberry phone and a K52J ASUS laptop to upgrade my business. Like Amanda, I know I don’t have to depend on anyone to succeed in doing what I love.

So, if you’re not a writer, this is the perfect time to become one. If you’re a writer, take your business seriously. Never underestimate your value in the marketplace. It takes courage, commitment, and constancy to grow your business but, in the end, it pays to be the CEO of your own big digital media company


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